Kicking up a stink over new bin rules

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NEW rubbish and recycling collections have got off to a mixed start this week across the Daventry district.

Daventry District Council, along with Northampton Borough, have privatised their bin collections to save money.

On Monday this week the new contractor, Enterprise, began work.

The changes mean a change of collecion day for some households to Saturdays, as well as new guidelines as to what can be put in certain bins.

However, numerous people have contacted the Daventry Express saying they believe the ‘cost-saving’ measure must have actually cost a lot in publicity, with people receiving letters, leaflets and bin notices.

June Smart from Welton spoke for many when she wrote: “I would like to know why the council seem to think that the economic climate does not apply to it!

“It takes three separate notices just to advise that the bin collection day is changing. Why on earth could they not have just sent one letter advising the collection day was going to be altered, and what the new day was?”

Others, including Clive Rimmer, pointed out new rules not allowing cardboard in brown bins were not announced early enough, meaning they now have bins filled with the wrong items.

Councillor Daniel Cribbin, DDC environment portfolio holder, said: “The new service has been a major logistical exercise and has experienced some teething difficulties during its first week. The contractor has apologised for any inconvenience this has caused.

“We would like to thank residents for their patience and assure them our contractor is acting quickly to address these issues and minimise the impact on collections.”

He added: “With more than 120,000 homes facing major changes to their collections, it was essential that residents were informed in advance of the new service and the reasons behind it.

“The leaflets were funded by the contractor to publicise a new service that will save both councils several million pounds over the next seven years and increase recycling for the good of the environment.”

More information is available at or you can call DDC on 01327 871100.