‘I could have done with bit of support’

Pictured is Carla Pasfield
Pictured is Carla Pasfield
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Parents and carers of young people with learning difficulties are being invited to get involved in the development of their local services.

A focus group this month will ask parents what they need local support to be like and how it can be developed.

Daventry mother Carla Pasfield, whose son has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), welcomes the event and says there are not enough resources or support in Daventry for parents.

She said: “It was hard when Callum was growing up because I knew he was different and that he struggled but no one paid any attention and he wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until he was six.

“I could have done with the support to understand ADHD more but I was just sent to the children’s behavioural centre with Callum and it wasn’t a very nice time.”

Mrs Pasfield said she still doesn’t know of any Daventry-based parents groups and believes she would have to travel to Northampton.

Gwyn Botterill, from Northamptonshire parents partnership service, said the Daventry focus group is to get young people and parents involved in evaluating local services.

Northamptonshire County Council need to set up a ‘local offer’ that can inform parents and carers about the services available to their children as required by the Government. This will be part of a reform on special educational needs and disability to come into force through legislation from 2014.

Ms Botterill said: “A young person does not need a statement to have a special educational need, there just needs to be a recognition from somebody that they need support.

“It can be a need ranging from difficulty making friends or challenges with reading and writing through to conditions such as ADHD or a disability and we are really keen to hear from parents about how we can ensure good access to information on where they can go for support.”