Husband jailed after frenzied knife attack

A MAN who stabbed a love rival repeatedly in the back in a “sustained and brutal” attack in his own home has been jailed for nine years.

Darren Warboys suspected the man of having an affair with his wife, and subjected him to a brutal attack which left him lying in pools of blood in a semi-conscious state.

Using a flick knife, Warboys stabbed his victim 17 times in the back, twice in the collarbone and three times in the head, which left his skull visible.

The man also suffered wounds to his shoulder, buttocks, cheek and spine, was punched repeatedly and throttled in the attack at his home in Eydon, near Daventry.

Warboys, aged 39, of Oak Drive, Woodford Halse, was sentenced at Northampton Crown Court on Friday January 4.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent at Nottingham Crown Court on November 5 last year, when the charge was downgraded from attempted murder.

But he maintained he had no recollection of taking the knife to the victim’s house.

The court was told Warboys’ wife Jane had struck up a friendship with the victim after meeting him at an amateur dramatics group.

Warboys had seen the pair in a restaurant together and had threatened the man, and also read texts he had sent to his wife.

And after an exchange between Warboys and his wife on July 23 last year, she sent the man a text saying “Lock your doors. Darren is coming to kill you.”

Jonathan Spicer, prosecuting, said: “He heard a car screech to a halt outside his house. He didn’t have time to open the door because Mr Warboys had already kicked it in.

“On that occasion, he got back into the car and drove off, but it was not too long before he returned.

“On this occasion, he began to punch the victim to the face, below the eye and to the jaw. He held him by the neck and he thought he was trying to kill him. He couldn’t breathe.”

Mr Spicer said at this point, the victim’s wife came downstairs, and bravely managed to push Warboys out of the house.

He said: “She was hysterical. There were pools of blood in the hallway. He was covered in blood and was drifting in and out of consciousness.
“He did not realise he had also been stabbed with a flick knife, with a 7.8cm blade.”

The victim didn’t require surgery, but had to be given two pints of blood.

In a victim impact statement, he said he had not worked for four months after the incident, and his marriage had “disintegrated”.

Maxine Crone, mitigating, said Warboys suffered from “unstable personality traits” and had taken two overdoses.

She said: “It was not premeditated - it was done in the heat of a very emotional moment. It was out of character for someone with no previous convictions for violence.

“He was under considerable stress. He had lost his business and his marriage. He was jealous and angry and is extremely embarrassed and ashamed of what he did.”

Mrs Warboys also spoke at the hearing, admitting she “sought solace” from the victim who was “there when Darren wasn’t”.

On her husband, she said: “Everyone who knows him respects him, and knows this was totally out of character. To this day, it still shocks us.”

Sentencing Warboys, Judge Rupert Mayo said: “This was a sustained and repeated assault on your victim. The number of stab wounds makes that plain.

“You took a weapon, a horrific-looking knife, to the scene. You went there to injure him.

“There is also the fact that this took place in this victim’s own home, in the small hours.

“I accept you now feel massive remorse for what you did, and this is not in character for you. But this was a sustained and brutal attack.”