Hotel ensures new baby arrives safely

Jamie Jollands, Samantha Taylor, Yvone Taylor, Olivia Jollands and Charlie Jollands
Jamie Jollands, Samantha Taylor, Yvone Taylor, Olivia Jollands and Charlie Jollands

A Daventry woman was grateful there was room at the inn when she was forced to stop off and give birth en route to the hospital.

Jamie Jollands and Samantha Taylor were on their way to Northampton General Hospital in the early hours of Sunday, December 22 after Samantha’s waters broke in the living room of their home on the Southbrook estate.

However, as the pair were driving, along with Miss Taylor’s mum Yvonne, to Northampton, the contractions got worse and they pulled in at the Holiday Inn near Flore.

Mr Jollands said: “I thought she wanted to stop for a bit of a rest but we pulled in, the hotel found us a room and it was then we noticed the baby’s head.”

Paramedics arrived in the nick of time and helped Miss Taylor give birth to Charlie James Jollands at 4.25am, weighing in at 8lb 20z. Mother and baby were then taken to Northampton General Hospital but were later discharged.

Mr Jollands added: “I didn’t think we’d be giving birth there and then. The hotel was absolutely fantastic. I am sure the guy on reception wasn’t expecting us to turn up!

“Both mum and baby are doing really well and we were delighted to welcome our second child in unusual circumstances.

“A big thank you to Denholm Butler, the guy on reception for his help in getting Samantha a room and to the paramedic Trevor Wayne. We couldn’t have done it without either of them.”

It is the couple’s second child. Charlie will be a brother to five-year-old Olivia May.

The hotel’s general manager, Jo Taylor, said: “It has been a real talker among the staff, it’s not every day that something like this happens. However Denholm was incredible and stayed very calm in the situation.

“We have had a nice message from the couple since the day to say she has given birth. It was nice to hear from them that both mum and baby were doing well. We are just really pleased we were able to help out at a very crucial moment in their lives.”