Homes in Braunston and Weedon among applications to go before committee

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Scheme to build new homes in Braunston and Weedon, plus Daventry and Cold Ashby, as well as proposals to alter the operating hours for Daventry UTC, will go before Daventry District Council’s planning committee next week.

The agenda for the meeting at 6.15pm on Wednesday January 13, shows the application for land off Maple Close in Braunston is recommended for approval.

The proposal is to build 12 affordable homes (10 affordable rent and two shared ownership) off Maple Close. The planning officer’s report states in October 2013 a survey of the village was carried out to judge the demand for housing. Following that in July 2014 an event was held in the village to identify the types of properties needed. The result was this application for the 12 affordable homes.

Although the homes would lie beyond the edge of the village, planning policy allows this where there is a demonstrated local need, and the parish council supports it.

Consequently the homes are recommended for approval.

In Weedon an application to put up eight homes on land off Bull Inn Close is recommended for refusal.

In this case there are no homes marked as ‘affordable’, and the site lies on a greenfield site outside the confines of the village.

The planning officer states that due to these reasons ,and the impact the homes would have on the canal conservation area and the nearby Manor Farm complex, the recommendation is to refuse the plans.

A proposal from Daventry and District Housing to demolish some garages behind homes in The Medway in Daventry and replace them with three two-bed homes is recommended for approval.

In Cold Ashby an application to build four homes off Church Lane is set for refusal after planning officers held the site to be outside the confines of the village.

Daventry University Technical College (UTC) off Ashby Road is asking the committee for permission to extend is potential hours of use.

The original planning consent for the school limited the building’s use to 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5.50pm on Fridays, and for it not to be used on weekends or public holidays.

The school is asking for permission to use the building between 7.30am and 10pm on weekdays, and 8am and 4pm on weekends, with the building to remain closed on public holidays.

In the officer’s report the school says the current opening times technically prevent it from having parents’ evenings, board meetings with all members present, open evenings, or public events at the weekend. It also means the facilities at the school cannot be used by other groups as during its current operating hours they are in use by the students.

In its application the UTC says Daventry Police Cadets have been using the school outside of its current hours with no complaints from neighbours.

The application is recommended for approval with conditions including that machinery in the workshops is not used at certain times. The hours will also revert to the old conditions in December 2018 unless new permission was granted.