Group makes call to arms

A campaign group opposed to plans for 480 homes in Daventry has accused developers of creating a false image of ‘Utopia’.

The comments were made by Chris Humphreys, the chairman of the Mickle Well Park Opposition Group.

It follows on from a meeting held last week at the iCon centre in Daventry organised by John Thompson and Partners on behalf of Landform and Orbit Homes.

Mr Humphreys said: “The presentation was very slick but full of spin.

“It created this Utopian idea of swans sitting on ponds, children running around and trees around the homes being built. However, if there were ponds created, there would need to be fences and there are safety concerns. Plus the trees will take a long time to grow to cover the buildings.

“It’s an idea of Utopia, but in reality it would take a long time to achieve.” He also believes the developers are rushing through the plans.

Mr Humphreys added: “We believe that a strategic document will be released in November outling where homes should be.

“I think the developers are trying to get this through before this document is released.

“We will be looking to have another meeting but we are now waiting for Landform to put in the planning application so we have something tangible to fight.”

Concerns have been raised by the group about the lack of facilities compared to the large scale of the development, traffic, congestion and the homes being put in the wrong location.

They also have worries about Orbit Homes, which will take up 25 per cent of the homes, as the firm’s website says it offers supported housing for ex-offenders.

The site also says across the region it offers housing for homeless people, victims of domestic violence and single parents alongside sheltered and retirement properties, plus general rental. Miranda Joseph, the group’s vice chairman said: “It is time to stand up and be counted and stop this craziness happening – for the sake of the people that live here today.

“Our councillors need our support in order to make the right decisions about appropriate growth of Daventry in accordance with community needs and infrastructure.’

“To help us do the right thing for the community and not simply help a commercially-driven developer, please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the opposition group’s Facebook We have more than 200 people already behind this campaign and it is only by working together that we can stop this disaster plan taking over our town”

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