Group delves into village’s war history

The Weedon at War group
The Weedon at War group

A group has been founded in Weedon to commemorate the anniversary of the Great War and explore its impact on the people of the village.

Jenny Copeland from the group said: “An astounding 30,000 men were joining up each week in 1914 answering Lord Kitchener’s call. Men of Weedon Bec were among these.

“Our first casualty was Frank Manning, 25, who was killed in action on September 9, 1914 – only a month after Britain declared war.

“People have asked why commemorate this war. It happened so long ago and there’s no one left alive!

“Well Jean from Weedon whose father happily returned from the war and lived a full life, or Mavis whose father also returned to work in the Depot, are reasons why we should remember and honour the men and women who answered Kitchener’s call one hundred years ago.

“We also want to look into the social impact the war had on the women and children of Weedon.

“We are a small group of like-minded people who want to research the history of Weedon and its people, and plan a series of community events.

“Our first event will be on Saturday, April 5, at the Chapel Schoolrooms from 10am to noon – a fundraising coffee morning with a bit of a difference. We will also have with us Major Graham Bandy, a military historian.

“The main event for this year will be over the Armistice weekend of November 8 and9.

“Research shows there are at least 26 men from Weedon who are not on any of the memorials in the village. Our final aim will be to rectify that in some way working with the parish council and people of Weedon.”