Government blocks HS2 documents

The secretary of state for transport has blocked the publication of a report about the controversial HS2 development.

Patrick McLoughlin has used a veto previously used to block publication of cabinet discussions on the Iraq War, the NHS risk register, and letters from Prince Charles to Cabinet members.

The document in question is a November 2011 report from the Major Projects Authority which rated HS2 as amber-red, meaning “Successful delivery of the project is in doubt, with major risks or issues apparent in a number of key areas.” The report apparently states urgent action is needed to ensure these are addressed, and whether resolution is feasible.

Stop HS2 campaign manager, Joe Rukin, said: “It is absolutely disgraceful that the Government doesn’t want MPs, who should be fully informed before voting on the colossal expenditure HS2 entails, to actually have all the information about the project.

“This just proves that there has been, and continues to be an agenda from Government to deceive MPs and the public with spin and dismiss any independent information showing just how bad the HS2 project is. It also shows that this Governments’ supposed ‘transparency agenda’ is as transparent as a lump of coal. What is the point in having reports on projects if they cannot be used to inform the debate around them?”