Fossil shop to open in Daventry

Jacqui Michelow who opens her new shop tomorrow
Jacqui Michelow who opens her new shop tomorrow

Hunting for fossils as a child is the inspiration that has ultimately led to a businesswoman opening a new shop in Daventry.

Michelow’s Treasures, owned by Jacqui Michelow, will welcome its first customers through the doors tomorrow (Friday).

It will sell fossils and dinosaur bones, along with gemstones and jewellery.

Jacqui said: “As a child I used to look for fossils with my father in the garden.

“This is what made me decide to train as a jeweller because, like fossils, gemstones are made of minerals that are millions of years old.”

Among the fossils on sale in Jacqui’s shop will be ammonites, shark teeth and a trilobite, a sea creature that lived 400 million years ago.

Jewellery products will range from costume pieces to expensively priced designer items.

Jacqui previously ran two shops at the Heart of the Shires shopping village. She is combining the two businesses and relocating them to premises in Sheaf Street, formerly the home of The Wedding Fayre Boutique.

Jacqui added: “I am very sad to be leaving Heart of the Shires after 16 happy years but it was time for a change.

“I am also trying to wind down from working seven days a week.

“Another reason for moving is that 98 per cent of my customers now live or work in Daventry.

“The premises are wonderful and I believe the shop will bring something new and exciting to the town.

“It will be unique – there is nothing else like it in Daventry.

“We will be selling items that will appeal to people of all ages and both sexes.

“The shop will also have an educational area which I think children will love. They will be able to touch and pick up things to help them understand where fossils come from and how gemstones were formed.”