Floodlights switched off after vandalism

Rubbish left at Daventry's new skate park
Rubbish left at Daventry's new skate park
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The floodlight on Daventry’s new skate park had to be disabled after its fuse box was repeatedly vandalised.

The floodlights on the ramps on the New Street Rec are set to automatically turn off at 9.30pm so they do not affect nearby homes or draw in late-night crowds.

However, since the park was opened, the fuse box has been vandalised at least twice as frustrated skaters attempted to turn it back on.

The problem led to fears someone could be seriously injured or killed by an electric shock, so the whole lighting system was turned off and the fuses removed.

The electricity supply for the central light runs underground to the box, placed on the wall of the police station.

A spokesman for the district council said: “We are working with the contractors to look at any measures that can be taken to improve the security of the box and that might involve moving it.

“Any such work will not incur further costs to the council.”

Since it has been open the park has also faced a serious litter problem.

Despite the majority of the users looking after the site, including buying their own brush to keep it clean, some of the dozens of people using it every day have been leaving behind large amounts of litter.

Cleaners from Enterprise have removed up to 20 bin liners of rubbish every morning.

Currently there are no proper bins around the skate park, but there are small park rubbish bins a few yards away. Bin liners have been tied to the temporary fencing around the park to encourage people to dispose of their rubbish responsibily.

However, due to the numbers of people using the new facility throughout the day and evening, Daventry District Council says it will provide suitable bins near the skate park in the near future and asks skaters to use the bins and bin bags provided.