Fairer forecourt prices welcomed in Daventry

LOWER petrol prices which have been brought in line with neighbouring towns, have been welcomed by Daventry motorists.

Historically drivers filling up at petrol stations in Daventry found themselves paying more than in any of the nearby towns.

However, in recent weeks, and following some intervention from our MP, the prices have evened out.

Back in 2008 the price for unleaded in Daventry was 110.7ppl (pence per litre) compared to 107.1 in Banbury, 108.2 in Towcester, and 108.5 in Northampton. The extra charge faced by drivers filling up in Daventry averaged to around three per cent compared to those towns.

On Tuesday this week most of Daventry’s garages were charging 129.9ppl for unleaded. That is the same price as supermarket forecourts in Northampton and Banbury, and less than the cheapest garage in Towcester.

Driving instructor Linda Ball said: “I have noticed a difference. Normally I fill up in Northampton at Sixfields or in Rugby. I was driving through Rugby and I thought I’d fill up, but then I noticed the price and said it’d be cheaper in Daventry.

“Now, it’s not very often in recent years you’ve been able to say that!

“I fill up daily sometimes – I’m on first name terms with most forecourts – and with a tank being around 50 litres, a few pence difference soon adds up.”

Daventry’s MP Chris Heaton-Harris wrote to all the garage owners in the town last year about their prices, and met with the Office of Fair Trading over the issue.

He said: “We’ve had garages changing hands, new brands, and there’s the talk of the town’s new supermarket having a forecourt, plus pressure from customers going elsewhere for their fuel and a bit of behind the scenes talking.

“It’s all added up and it’s good to see it finally taking effect.”