Every household to see council tax rise

Council tax will go up for every household across the Daventry area, despite Government offers to authorities that do not increase it.

Daventry District Council, Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Police and many parish and town councils are increasing their bills this year.

Several have chosen increases of just under two percent, as above that figure and taxpayers get a say through a local referendum.

Council tax bills are made up of portions for the district and county councils and the police. These are at the same level across the district.

That ‘base level’ bill will be £1,371.04 for the average Band-D home in April, compared to £1,344.29 last year – a 1.99 per cent increase.

On top of that many households will face parish council portions and other special charges. High increases in these parts of the tax bill are not subject to approvals through referenda.

In Daventry, the addition of the Daventry Town Council precept, and the special charges billed by the district council, mean the average bill jumps to £1,428.22 in April – up £32.97 or 2.31 per cent on last year.

Daventry District Council will increase its portion of council tax by an additional £2.45 a year for a Band D property – equivalent to about an extra 5p a week. But the authority also faces a 13.3 per cent cut in funding from Government.

Savings of £100,000 have already been identified for the next year, and DDC will earn money through its private rental properties and the soon-to-open crematorium.

Councillor Jo Gilford, resources portfolio holder at DDC, said: “With the reduction in local government funding and the likelihood of further reductions in the years ahead our consistent strategy has focused on having less reliance on central Government grants, with the eventual aim of being self-sustaining.

“This is a prudent budget representing the continued commitment by this Council to make efficiencies where possible, as well as deliver innovative schemes that generate new income streams and secure the future of the services we provide to our community.”