Debut crime novel for ex-policeman

Stephen Collier
Stephen Collier

A former policeman has published his debut crime novel.

Stephen Collier, who has now retired from the force, has written the book called Blind Murder which was released on Monday last week.

The book starts in 1994 when a woman is found stabbed to death on a Northampton council estate by probationary PC Jim Kingsfield – his first murder.

Eighteen years later, Detective Inspector Jim Kingsfield, now married to forensic pathologist Kirsty, is unaware that he and his wife are being targeted by the killer, who’s lust for revenge will have explosive and life changing consequences for them all.

Jake Jordan is a traffic cop thrown into this revenge- fuelled mix, putting his job to the test while his marriage falls apart.

The author, who lives in Dodford, said: “It has been a life-long dream to write this book. It has been in my head for the past 20 years and I thought I better get it down on paper.

“I worked a lot in traffic when I was with the police, so there has been a lot from that side of the book.”

He was thrilled to see the book published.

Mr Collier added: “On the day it was released, I went on to every book website I could just to check they had it on sale. It was amazing.”

He is now working on a second novel.

Mr Collier added: “It was while I was working on the book that I looked at some of the ideas in there and thought there was room for a sequel. “

“I am currently in the planning stages for the second book. I found it easier with the first one because it has been in my head for a long time whereas this has one has required a little bit more planning.

“ I have some ideas for a second and a third book.”

Mr Collier also paid tribute to a fellow author who helped him write the book. He said: “A big thank you to Helen Jaeger who helped me with publishing the book. If it wasn’t for her, it would still be in my head.”

The book is available now from all good book shops.