Daventry MP launches petition over town fuel prices

Petrol prices in Daventry are routinely higher than in nearby towns.
Petrol prices in Daventry are routinely higher than in nearby towns.

The MP for Daventry has launched a petition after saying ‘enough is enough’ with regard to the town’s fuel prices.

Chris Heaton-Harris launched his petition online and has already received more than 600 names.

He said: “For as long as I’ve known it, in Daventry the people have faced much higher petrol and diesel prices than in surrounding towns.

“To be quite honest, I just said enough is enough and set up the petition.

“In the past I’ve tried different routes to get the main suppliers to lower their prices, but I feel they need to understand the feelings of the people of Daventry and how it affects their sales and the wider town. Hopefully the petition and comments on it will do that.

“We have people refusing to use the town’s petrol stations, and even ending up doing most of their shopping out of the town due to the price of fuel here.

“I’m going to leave the petition online for a few weeks, and then I’m going to try to get the heads of Shell, Gulf and the other firms to sit down to look at them.”

The petition can be found online at www.gopetition.com/petitions/daventry-deserves-fair-petrol-diesel-prices.

Yesterday (Wednesday) the price at Daventry’s four main petrol stations was at least 5p per litre more expensive than the cheapest price in Rugby. A spokesman for Shell told the Daventry Express: “Many elements that determine pump prices are beyond the control of companies like Shell.

“These include storage and transportation. We set the prices at our company-owned sites, but not at independently owned and operated Shell-branded sites.

“This is why you might see price variation even when sites are close together.

“By law, we cannot tell independent sites what to charge. However, to be competitive, they usually choose not to be too far out of sync with other local competitors.

“Prices can vary from region to region due to a range of factors, for instance the distance from the refinery/distribution terminal to the petrol station. Greater distance means higher transport costs. Or the number of customers in the region – fewer customers means higher margins to cover costs. For these reasons, fuel is often more expensive in rural areas.”

In the past the AA has said one reason for Daventry’s more expensive forecourts could be due to the lack of competition from a supermarket filling station, who use petrol to draw in shoppers.

As part of its plans for a new supermarket in Daventry, located on the old outdoor pool site, Daventry District Council has included plans for a petrol station saying it will be run by whoever runs the supermarket.

Yesterday (Wednesday) the price of unleaded at Daventry’s four main petrol stations was 131.9p per litre (ppl)or 132.9ppl. In Rugby Asda was charging 126.7ppl and non-supermarket Murco was 127.9ppl. In Northampton Morrisons and Esso were charging 127.9ppl and in Banbury, Morrisons, Jet, Esso and Murco were 126.9ppl.