Daventry group set up to fight development

Mickle Well Park
Mickle Well Park

A residents group has been set up to oppose plans for 450 homes in Daventry.

The Mickle Well Park Opposition Group has been set up on Lang Farm with the aim of combating the Mickle Well Park development in the north of the town. The group also fears loosing a large part of the countryside.

Chris Humphreys, Chairman of the association said: “We need the voice of Daventry residents to be heard. This is about everyone’s quality of life in the town, making sure infrastructure is in place before building more houses, that we pace new sites to evolve the town - not destroy it’s character overnight or turn it into a huge building site”

“If building proposals are allowed to go ahead, it will push local infrastructure and services to breaking point”

The group is worried about the impact on the two doctors surgeries in town and education with a lack of extra school places. Concerns have also been raised about the lack of community facilities, transport, employment and the environment.

They also concerned about the extra homes coming to Middlemore, Monksmoor and Church Fields with no increase in facilities for residents.

A community planning day is due to be held on Saturday at the iCon centre in Daventry from 10.45am to 4pm and the group has asked any residents concerned about the development to go along and help them out.

Miranda Joseph, vice chairman of the association, said: “This meeting is a vital step towards protecting our town from becoming just one very large housing estate.

“Show your support by liking and sharing the action group’s Facebook page. We need the local residents to unite and have a say in the future of our town and living environment”.

For more details visit www.facebook.com/micklewellopposition.