So what is the role of the town centre warden ?

Pictured is Chris Healey from Crime Secure
Pictured is Chris Healey from Crime Secure

Town centre businesses value the warden service and would like to see it relaunched according to a recent survey.

Crimesecure, the company responsible for running the CCTV system in Daventry, surveyed 34 town centre businesses and found 85 per cent of them would be interested in joining a warden scheme.

The survey asked businesses if they had ever used the warden service, if it was helpful and if it was good value for money. A huge 94 per cent said they had used it, 97 per cent said it was helpful and 82 per cent said it was good value .

The managing director of Crimesecure Chris Healey said: “The survey results show people miss having the wardens because they deterred shoplifters and instilled confidence in business people.

“They put the small ‘p’ in police and bridged the gap between the public and police officers - using the warden was proactive rather than the police having to be reactive.”

Mr Healey hopes to relaunch the scheme at a lesser charge than the previous 2.5 per cent levy estimating around a 1 per cent levy of the ratable value of each shop.

He said the scheme could start with as few as two wardens and build up as more businesses opt in.

Sheaf Street business owner Peter Harper said: “The wardens offer a good will factor and they deter crime. I have become aware of how important they are in allowing people to shop with confidence and I think they are a useful tool.”

Mr Healey added: Businesses wouldn’t be paying for the same service twice because the police haven’t got time to do all the little things the wardens do.

“Think of it as a triangle with the CCTV link, police and wardens working together to communicate crime. If one of these isn’t there the whole thing doesn’t work.”

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