Celebrating the year at youth group

Chris Heaton-Harris led an end of year assembly at the RealiZe Kids Club in Kilsby on Friday.

It was an opportunity for parents, staff and children to gather, celebrate and give thanks.

The evening commenced with a staff presentation.

Jess Smith, a year 10 student from DSLV, shared how after volunteering for some time she had been given paid work as a junior assistant youth worker at the RealiZe Kilsby project.

Thomas Gibbs, 11, outlined the curriculum they had followed during the year on the topic of ‘change’, including dealing with life changes such as births and deaths; as well as technological changes and how to use them.

Pippa Lonergan, nine, interviewed Mr Heaton-Harris about his job as an MP and also his wishes for the youth of Kilsby. Various children received medals from Mr Heaton-Harris for their good behaviour, attendance and learning.

The RealiZe Kilsby Club runs term-time, Fridays 7pm 9pm and is geared for children in years two to six.

For further information visit www.realizenetwork.co.uk.