Broken shoulder after tripping on slab in Daventry town centre

Lyn Moore's injured shoulder (submitted)
Lyn Moore's injured shoulder (submitted)

A woman who broke her shoulder after tripping on a paving slab in Daventry says the same could happen to others.

Lyn Moore, 55 and from The Medway in Daventry, was walking from Foundry Walk to Bowen Square in the town centre when she tripped on a raised slab.

The fall left her with a broken left shoulder.

The Daventry Express is running a campaign to Tidy Up Daventry, and making the town look better includes dealing with dodgy pavements and pot-holed roads.

Lyn said: “I was going to the shops to buy a new dress for a job interview.

“As I walked into Bowen Square I tripped on a slab, fell, and broke my shoulder.

“With the injury I got, there isn’t any plaster cast. They just put your arm in a sling and wait for it to heal itself.

“I had the fall at the end of April and it still affects me now – I won’t be able to drive for another two months.

“I had to cancel the job interview too.

“I’m a quite active person, but not now. I couldn’t even dress myself at one point or clean the house.

“I’ve been in so much pain, just from going out into the town centre by foot.”

Since Lyn’s fall county council contractors have been out and resurfaced much of New Street, but have not repaired the problem slab just a hundred or so yards away.

Lyn said: “After I came out of hospital I spoke to a solicitor who told me to report it to the county council. I did that several weeks ago, and all that’s happened since is someone’s gone along and put a bit of spray paint on the wonky slab.

“This could happen to anybody still.”

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