Boosting sport together

Daventry’s two bowling clubs have launched a joint project to promote their sport, and are encouraging other local teams to do the same.

‘Bowls Daventry’ will see Daventry Tigers Bowling Club and Daventry Town Bowling Club joining forces to promote the sport.

The concept was born on May 27 at the White Horse in Norton, after a meal where three members of Daventry Tigers and three members of Daventry Town agreed to work together in the best interests of their sport locally.

The idea behind the project is to promote the sport and stop the two town clubs 
wasting energy, time and money duplicating work promoting the separate clubs, and also to fend off questions about any merger between the two.

Daventry Town is based on the Stefan Hill Sports Park, while Daventry Tigers are based at Mayfield Park Sports Club off Royal Star Drive on the Timken estate.

Mike Robins was appointed chairman and Mark Courtney as project manager.

Wednesday last week saw the successful launch of Bowls Daventry when Mike Robins announced the launch of the project as well as that of ‘Sport why not’. Sport Why Not challenges other sports and clubs in the area to replicate the Bowls Daventry concept in working together to promote sports as a whole across the town.

A spokesman said: “Mark, prior to a big game against the Rugby Bowling Association, announced the launch of Bowls Daventry and invited Brian Mace-Humphries, president of the Rugby Bowling Association, to present to the president of Daventry Tigers, Malcolm Foster, and the chairman of Daventry Town, Mike Robins, a bottle of champagne especially to celebrate the occasion.

“Mike also commented he was delighted to be the chairman who was able to see the flags of two great bowls clubs sharing the same flag pole on the same green to represent common working to promote the great game of bowls in Daventry.”

Daventry Bowls then managed to beat the Rugby Bowling Association 108 – 97 in the first leg of the Tony Dean trophy.

The second leg is Tuesday, August 5 at Rugby Bowling Club, kick off is at 2pm.

Bowls Daventry looks to achieve a shock victory in the Tony Dean Trophy.