Artwork unveiled for town’s gateway

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Three possible designs for Daventry’s new public art work have been unveiled for the public to vote on.

The designs are by Tim Ward who was picked by Daventry District Council as its artistof choice after asking for submissions earlier in the summer.

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Mr Ward went to several public events in Daventry during the arts festival to get people’s views on the piece, which will stand on the roundabout between Abbey Street and South Way.

He came up with three concepts which the public can vote on until Monday, August 5, at DDC’s {http://|Facebook page|DDC}.

One option, pictured above right, is a colourful fan to ‘celebrate Daventry’s communities and cultures’ with repeated logos on it. For the drawings the arts festival logo was used.

The second, pictured left, reflects Daventry’s history of radio broadcasting and features the phrase ‘Daventry Calling The World’.

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Mr Ward said: “The BBC World Service was originally broadcast from Borough Hill using the radio sign of ‘Daventry Calling’ making the town well-known across the world.

“In 1935, this radio station was used for the first ever practical demonstration of radar.”

The third design, pictured on page one, has leaves to represent the original Dane Tree supposedly planted on Borough Hill to mark the centre of England. All three would stand around seven metres (23 ft) tall and be made of steel with weather-proof paint.

What do you think of the designs? Let us know through our Twitter account @DXGusher, on our website or go to our Facebook page.

As part of the planning agreement for the Abbey Retail Park, Daventry District Council got the developers to put forward £10,000 for artwork on this roundabout. They also secured extra cash from the Arts Council. If the money is not spent on artwork to improve the roundabout and entrance to the town centre then the developer will take it back.