Angry residents launch petition

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Over 130 Daventry people have signed a petition to say why they think the council should prevent a local shopping emporium from closing.

The Pigeonhole in Daventry, which houses 60 small businesses, will cease trading on Thursday after as shop managers are unable to keep up with the high level of rent set by DDC.

Since the Daventry Express reported the imminent closure a social group, that use the cafe several times a week as a meeting space, have started a petition to shame the council and highlight how important the Pigeonhole is the town.

Deana Costello said: “We know the petition won’t make any difference to the council’s decision but we wanted to show them how many people like and use the Pigeonhole.

“It’s a beautiful building with a welcoming atmosphere and you don’t get that anywhere else in Daventry.”

The petition has gained over 130 signatures in one week and can be located in the shop and cafe in the Moot Hall, Daventry.