Advertising overload

A district councillor has launched a scathing condemnation of Daventry’s advertising ‘free-for-all’ which he says could put residents at risk.

Councillor Chris Over told the Daventry Express he was fed up of seeing flyposted adverts clogging fence railings and lamp posts on London Road and Broad March and adverts on roundabouts, sponsored or otherwise, could constitute a safety risk.

As the Gusher continues its Tidy Up Daventry campaign, the attention of councillors and residents alike has turned to the signs and posters advertising shops and services attached to fences, bollards and lampposts without permission.

A number of banners and adverts have also been removed from roundabouts on busy roads around Daventry.

Mr Over said: “It is a complete free-for-all for advertisers. Flyposting in particular is an illegal and blatant disregard for the community’s interest.

“These are matters of community pride. This seems more like Detroit than Daventry.”

Maria Taylor, community manager at Daventry District Council, described action taken so far in combating the do-it-yourself of advertising throughout Daventry.

She said: “We recently received reports from councillors, acting on behalf of local residents, about a number of banners that had been put up without consent at traffic islands and roundabouts in the Daventry area.”

Ms Taylor added the signs were currently in storage, and the owners were welcome to retrieve them with no further action on the cards.

She said: “We are seeking delegated authority from the county council to deal with the flyposting issues and this process has not yet concluded.”

Mr Over also raised concerns on a number of planning applications currently underway for permission to put council approved adverts on roundabouts throughout Daventry.

In particular, he believes adverts on the roundabout at Warwick and St James Street would be particularly hazardous because of the proximity of St James School and a Warwick Court care home: “This is likely to be a distraction to motorists,” he said.

Other roundabouts with applications for signs include South Way and Admirals Way and Braunston and Ashby Roads.