Ladies showcase art

MHDE-15-02-13-Exhibition-Feb51' Artists Tamsen Flack and Janet Milward will be  displaying their work at art exhibition in Braunston .
MHDE-15-02-13-Exhibition-Feb51' Artists Tamsen Flack and Janet Milward will be displaying their work at art exhibition in Braunston .
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A group of artists from two villages will be displaying a wide range of their work at an exhibition to be held at a gallery next week.

Janet Milward, from Welton, along with Braunston mother and daughter Tamsen and Annelies Flack, will be displaying their work at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum from this Monday to Thursday March 7.

Entitled A Closer Look at Nature, it will showcase the talents of the artistic trio who all work in a variety of different mediums.

Janet, who spent 37 years teaching in schools including at William Parker School in Daventry, took up painting after retiring in 2010.

Her paintings are inspired by the world around her but particularly by looking nostalgically at her childhood in North Wales on the Isle of Anglesey.

She said: “As long as I can remember, I have been interested and fascinated by nature, the way plants grow, the image of a pebble or a discarded feather on the beach or the way the light reflects in a rock pool.

“It is the minutiae of nature that interests me, rather than the bigger picture. I spend a lot of time observing nature and watching the subtle differences in light and colour that the changes of the seasons and weather conditions bring, in preparation for painting.

“I want my paintings to be clear, fresh and accurate and I use the medium of acrylic paints in order to achieve this as they allow me to continuously alter and add to my paintings in a way that other media do not.”

Janet met with Tamsen through Daventry Choral Society and the idea came from there to do the exhibition.

Tamsen is a self artist and began experimenting with different media before settling on silk painting. She is currently the membership secretary for the Guild of Silk Painters.

She said: “I have always done something artistic mostly to do with nature, as a child and into adulthood I used to collect and press flowers and make them into pictures.

“My interest in nature is reflected in my artwork which is primarily painting on silk at present, although I also work with clay.

“I am still learning what I can do with silk dyes and paints and have recently started exploring the use of batix wax to try to create more naturalistic pictures.”

The final artist to display her work is Tamsen’s daughter, Annelies, who is 17 years old and currently studying art at Rugby College.

Annelies said: “I have always loved to draw and paint and discovered sculpting with clay when invited to do a day’s course with local artist and sculptor Beatrice Hoffman.

“I am fascinated by people’s faces and quickly started to experiment with making portraits out of clay.

“I enjoy trying to make portraits (in clay, on paper or canvas) as realistic as possible and then adding a quirk of my own to make it almost surrealist.”

It is the first time the trio of artists have exhibited together.

The gallery is open from 9am to 5pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and between 10am and 4pm onTuesday and Saturday.

For further information, contact the gallery on 01788 533201. To find out more about the artists and their work, visit the exhibition.